Windows Calculator Keyboard Shortcuts

16 Apr

Q: x2

E: Exp

R: 1/x

T: tan

Shift+T: tan-1

Ctrl+T: tanh

Ctrl+Shift+T: tanh-1

Y: x^y

O: cos

Shift+O: cos-1

Ctrl+O: cosh

Ctrl+Shift+O: cosh-1

P: pie

S: sin

Shift+S: sin-1

Ctrl+S: sinh

Ctrl+Shift+S: sinh-1

L: log

X: Exp

V: Toggle engineering mode

N: ln

M: dms

Enter: =

Del: CE

Firefox Search-box Results in New Tab

24 Dec

Firefox debuted and rocketed off to become a favorite browser among power users because of how customizable it is, and to this day it stays true to that reputation. Different users use their favorite differently, and I would assume there might be someone who would want a search result gotten from the search box to show in a new tab instead of current tab as it still might have page user is interested in. Thankfully there is a way in Firefox to achieve that.

  • You would have to go to the page “about:config”
  • Agree to the scary warning.
  • Search for “search”
  • Find the entry for “”
  • Double click on it to change the entry to,


Happy searching!

More Windows Phone May Have Received Denim Than Thought

21 Dec

Tonight I reset my Lumia 920 for the power button was not locking/unlocking the phone, apparently a common problem. After finishing the process, there was a notification saying welcome to denim and see more. That’s a little bit surprising seeing that the Lumia Denim update is not supposed to out for most Lumia devices, let alone for Lumia 920, and for my carrier specific version would be a moonshot. So I went into “extras+info” to check, it was indeed showing Lumia Denim. (Two screenshots merged here.)

Extras and Infos with Denim on 920

I remember that in a previous version of extras+info there was a bug that the app incorrectly reported Denim, but seeing that I had just checked for all updates, it had to be the latest version, and therefore the bug should not be there. I checked the OS version in the about section,

about from Lumia 920

I found that the OS version does not match the supposed OS version from the “Availability in Latin America” (my 920’s original carrier is Mexico’s Movistar) page, where Lumia 920 shows as Cyan,

OS Version of Cyan Update

But it matches the OS version number associated with Denim.

OS version of Lumia Denim

That makes me pretty confident that it is indeed now in Denim. I don’t exactly know how or when my phone could have updated to Denim. I did not see any prompt to download update, but there was the “gear” screen during reset.

So if you are desperate for Denim, you might try resetting your if it yields any result. For clarity’s sake, my Lumia 920 was receiving developer preview updates, and was on Cyan before reset.

Imgur Folder –> Google –> Inbox

24 Oct

However Google wants to package it, to any user it should be fairly obvious Google’s Inbox is an answer to Microsoft’s oft lauded, newly rebuilt webmail. Both share some very good quality, namely some level of automation, control over said automation, and a far cleaner interface than what they respectively replaces.

But I could not help but notice something in Google’s behavior concerning Inbox. Google could be called “The Internet Company”, so I find it pretty weird that they rolled out Inbox in an invitation only method. While Google has more than once used invitation in past, I would have imagined they have moved past it, specially that invitation is often associated with limited backend capability, such for Ello, or in case of hardware, OnePlus One. Add to the fact that, when Microsoft launched, all  I had to do was go to

Second thing I find weird is that even when I got my invitation, I had to activate by logging into Inbox app, specially when the app is not available on Windows Phone. Hmm. Google might try its hardest, but Windows Phone or soon just Windows, is here to stay. So making it hard for Windows Phone users such as myself is pretty pathetic.

Last but not least, Inbox’s web interface is only available on Chrome. Come on! That’s just sad. The open standard loving Google is nowhere to be found nowadays.

I like Inbox, I really do. I am unlikely to switch as it does not seem to offer anything does not, but Gmail users should be happy. I just wish Google would stop taking potshots like I mentioned.

Small Takes – Apple 9.9 Event

9 Sep

Bigger phone size is very welcome. Still a pity that the small size no longer here. There’s a real market for small flagship device.

iPhone 6 Plus’s real purpose is probably to give a better option to 9.7” iPad users.

Brilliant on Apple’s part to have extra button’s on the bigger iPhone’s keyboard.

Apple Watch’s hardware looks gorgeous. I am only liking the steel band though.

The default watch face on Apple Watch is also very pretty, but the rest of the UI looks very non-pretty in a original iOS look way.

Loved bringing back the “One more thing…" in a appropriate manner.

Bigger is Better

29 Jul

True that there are aspects of life where that is not true, but for most matter that is quantifiable, bigger is indeed better. It may help clear up if I paraphrase different is not better. Neither is different worse.

On to more quantifiable examples.

Let’s consider the number 7 and the letters f, g, and h. The letters are the 6th, 7th, and 8th letter of the Roman alphabet. Now, are any of those bigger than the number 7? Decidedly not! Are they smaller? Or equal? None of that. That’s because they belong in a different category, which makes it impossible for them to be compared with 7. Now the number 8? That is bigger than 7. It has all of 7 in it and 1 more!

Xbox Music, for all new stuff it does, is not better that Zune, or Windows Media Player. It’s just different. The only way it can ever be better is if and when it encompasses all the features of its predecessors and have more. It’s as simple as that. Until then, it’s just a different media player, one that I’ll keep being hostile towards. Unless of course it can do what others does.

And this goes for every software out there, and maybe not just software. Do new stuff, make new stuff. Just not for the sake of it. The necessity should drive the change, the necessity cannot come from a change.

About Pay to Win

29 Jul

If you play a Pay to Win game, you are a stupid person. It’s blunt, it’s offensive, but it’s also the truth.

Let’s put it into perspective. I have always said, this particular model is like authorized cheating, and people agreed. But so far I have struggles to pin down a perfect metaphor. Let’s say you’re playing Football, and you’re up against a team at their home ground. There’ll be definitely be some officiating favor going for  the home team. But that’s part of the game right? That’s how it has always been for sports. So what’s wrong with cheating at games? That’s because the official favoring a home team is like those old day game cheat codes, nobody likes to talk about it, and it happens under the radar. Pay to Win is like FIFA announcing because one team paid them a handsome amount, the game shall begin at 5-0 to them.

If you’re playing a Football match that started as 5-0 against you,  you’re a mentally disabled person. And whatever you’re doing, it’s not sport. And same way, if you’re playing something that’s Pay to Win, whatever that is, that’s not a game. And don’t say it’s fun nonetheless. Would you enjoy a football game starting at 5-0? Stop giving those developers your money.


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