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Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost

21 Mar

Adria Richards, PyCon, and How We All Lost.
It’s very simple, before making a big deal about something, try to understand the consequences. Mob mentality is a dangerous thing, try to rile them up for the wrong reason, you’ll get burned yourself. You tried to publicly shame two people for a private conversation, now not only you yourself are shamed and fired, but also you’ve brought shame to the word “feminism”.

7 Mar

Excellent post. Wanted to write something similar, but this is far beyond my writing/analysis capability.

Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision

A comment Matt Rosoff over on CITEworld’s re-publication of my post on Microsoft’s current approach to developer (and other customer) engagement inspired me to do a thought experiment.  What if Microsoft had approached “Windows 8” differently?  There are a number of scenarios that they could have followed, so let’s explore a few of the more likely ones.

Most of the criticism about Windows 8 is around how Microsoft attempted to bridge the gap between a modern touch-based, tablet-centric (if you will), UI and the traditional desktop.  Now this is actually a complex situation, because we aren’t just talking about UI but also about a new app model.  In theory you could have one without the other.  In previous posts I’ve talked about why the overall re-imagination of Windows, including all these elements, was important.  So as one thinks about various alternative scenarios you have to consider that not all of the…

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23 Jan

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Mobile OS Wars

13 Oct

Mobile OS market domination war is as hot as it gets. We have Windows Mobile(R.I.P.), RIM Blackberry OS, iOS, Symbian, Android, webOS, and Windows Phone 7 officially coming out. The older brother of Windows Phone is not technically extinct yet, but its going to be. So we can count that out of our equation. Let’s talk about the rest.

Once upon a time it was all Windows Mobile and Blackberry OS and Symbian. Along came iOS, changed the smart phone market and blah, blah, blah. Thanks Steve J. for that, but since then we also have had Android and Web OS.

Now we have an OS that keeps the user are in a tight leash, walled garden or whatever you wanna call it. The users are happy, the phones are selling good, there is a solid app-media Eco-system. But also, the OS in my point of view fails to represent a real smart phone OS. It is sold by only apple, in both S/W and H/W. This strategy has paid for apple so far, but recent studies are showing that they are heading to what happened to their Mac platform. Recently apple has started to loosen their grips a little, but they really need to adapt themselves to market changes as new competitors arrive, or end up with Mac like market share.

Then we have the OS from big G! Android is as different as possible from iOS. It’s every aspect is the opposite of iOS. It’s available to OEM, customizable, free etc. etc. Multitasking, copy-paste……… it has all the iOS do not. So far the market is shaping up nicely for them. But Android is not without its flaw. Its customization has led to big time clustering. FOUR different versions of the OS is co-existing in the market. Which has given birth to app incompatibility. Even sometimes apps are incompatible in case of different manufacturer though same version of the OS. True that Google has promised many positive changes for many of the issues, they need to act in time.

I am going to say the same thing for Symbian and Blackberry OS. Both of them are capable and popular platform. But, both of them are truly outdated. They both need a complete a re-write, break from the past or whatever. People are going for phones with them for either ignorance or for not having any other choice. But none of them is a viable modern day OS.

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How To Make A Good (Smart?)Phone

15 Sep

OK, I confess that I am no genius, or pundit, or an experienced reviewer or anything like that. But I am a fan of good gadgets. And I do try to see things objectively. I have my favorites (who doesn’t?), but I criticize them as well when necessary. Of-course the criticisms are usually heard by the wrong people (my friends who have to put up with my occasional rants). I really don’t thing my opinions matter that much to the companies who makes the gadgets I love to see, play with and use.

I have had the luck to play with several new smart-phones in the past few months. Being originally from a third world country did not have much such luck before. Now that I had it, I have a few observations. Though I really have NO IDEA whatsoever, if I can see them why can’t they?!

  • Make the software light. No bloat. Nothing. Optimize it as much as possible. There is no point in monster hardware, if the power is boggled by the software instead of being available to the user.
  • If the software is light enough and properly optimized much more moderate hardware will do the job. Hence, slimmer profile of the phone.
  • Include a qwerty for god’s sake! If its a smart-phone people will want to send mails, post comments, twit, update social network status from it. Good luck doing that on a regular basis on the virtual thingy that passes for keyboard for many users.
  • Make the screen big enough so that the virtual thingy(OK keyboard!) is decent enough and people don’t have to snap the keyboard out for every “OMG”, “OK”, “Cool” and blah, blah. I don’t want to have to open the keyboard to find a contact.
  • Don’t make it too big either so that it does not feel uncomfortable in pocket. Making it too big also reduces the dpi count. You don’t want that.
  • Make it so that that it does not look like it has a keyboard. If it looks good enough people are prepared to forgive a lot. Though, that does not mean that you should have to be forgiven for lot.

Okay. That should about do it, or not! Being a novice blogger I am entitled to write anything, anyhow I want. But the people who actually has the power to make the stuffs mentioned above happen has to take many thing into consideration. So I leave it to them. But the tag line remains the same- make a good product folks. A good product sells itself. Now make the good better.

Using/Living Facebook

11 Feb

What is facebook to us? A playground? A way to stay connected? Or just a way to waste time? The surge of facebook population and total time spent in facebook has given birth to this question. And it will give birth to more questions in the time to come.

I first came to know about facebook by PC World magazine. It was an article comparing MySpace and Facebook. Facebook looked like the one to go for, I did and was right. Since then I have maintained a steady presence in my online world. My friend list grew to to a fair size. I use it as way to share photos, videos, messaging, chatting etc. Whenever I am online I keep it open in a tab and that’s about it.

facebook vs. face a book!

Well, the question is for me as well. I may not waste time exclusively in facebook, but I do waste time. And to many- writing this very piece may be considered as such. But the thing is, what the heck are we doing???? What are we supposed to do and what we usually do! I see people spending virtually whole day in facebook. Chasing after girls, chatting, playing games(they are called games!), etc. etc. So how about opening a textbook or at least going out of the room and hang out with your actual buddies, the real physical ones! Just get out of facebook. At least just for a while.

Browser And Car

27 May

The more the world seem to leaning towards cloud computing the more browsers are becoming important to day to day computing. And for that matter some real big names are wrestling for the crown here. But what makes people make the final choice?

Lets emulate a situation – you are out of milk. You need to go to a store across the road to replenish your stock. What do you do? Get your car out or just walk the distance? My guess would be “walk the distance”. But when you go to work you no longer just walk the distance. This time you get your car out. Though there might be some special situation where on foot or car neither is a very suitable choice. You probably need some rugged terrain vehicle. But whatever the destination is you don’t ever think of a tank! May be some time a real fancy car, but if your own car is decent enough looking you are content.

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