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How To Make A Good (Smart?)Phone

15 Sep

OK, I confess that I am no genius, or pundit, or an experienced reviewer or anything like that. But I am a fan of good gadgets. And I do try to see things objectively. I have my favorites (who doesn’t?), but I criticize them as well when necessary. Of-course the criticisms are usually heard by the wrong people (my friends who have to put up with my occasional rants). I really don’t thing my opinions matter that much to the companies who makes the gadgets I love to see, play with and use.

I have had the luck to play with several new smart-phones in the past few months. Being originally from a third world country did not have much such luck before. Now that I had it, I have a few observations. Though I really have NO IDEA whatsoever, if I can see them why can’t they?!

  • Make the software light. No bloat. Nothing. Optimize it as much as possible. There is no point in monster hardware, if the power is boggled by the software instead of being available to the user.
  • If the software is light enough and properly optimized much more moderate hardware will do the job. Hence, slimmer profile of the phone.
  • Include a qwerty for god’s sake! If its a smart-phone people will want to send mails, post comments, twit, update social network status from it. Good luck doing that on a regular basis on the virtual thingy that passes for keyboard for many users.
  • Make the screen big enough so that the virtual thingy(OK keyboard!) is decent enough and people don’t have to snap the keyboard out for every “OMG”, “OK”, “Cool” and blah, blah. I don’t want to have to open the keyboard to find a contact.
  • Don’t make it too big either so that it does not feel uncomfortable in pocket. Making it too big also reduces the dpi count. You don’t want that.
  • Make it so that that it does not look like it has a keyboard. If it looks good enough people are prepared to forgive a lot. Though, that does not mean that you should have to be forgiven for lot.

Okay. That should about do it, or not! Being a novice blogger I am entitled to write anything, anyhow I want. But the people who actually has the power to make the stuffs mentioned above happen has to take many thing into consideration. So I leave it to them. But the tag line remains the same- make a good product folks. A good product sells itself. Now make the good better.