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Real “Issue” With Windows 8 Start Screen

9 Jun

It will NOT come as a shocker. Not to most people anyway. This will sound condescending, but sometimes you have to be that way to say that need be said. The issue is quite simple really, that is people are dumb. Maybe not funny movie dumb or sitcom dumb, but dumb nonetheless.

With Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced a feature called Start Menu Search, or more commonly known as Start Search. With this you could hit start button, on your keyboard or on the taskbar, and start typing what you need and Windows would present the desired object in front of you. Now note that, when I say “commonly known “, I mean people who are least bit versed with Windows. In my experience, the vast majority of Windows user simply do not use this feature. They still launch a program the same way they used to with classic Start Menu since Windows 95 days, by browsing it. So when they are presented with the Start Screen of Windows 8, they no longer know how to do that in here as there is no longer a button shouting “All Programs”, which I will admit Microsoft’s fault. But that button issue withstanding, when I and many other people simple start typing to get to what we need, most people immediately dismiss the Start Screen. You may call it Microsoft’s fault, and I’ll admit it partly is, but mostly it’s just that people are stupid. It has been more than 7 years Start Search has been available to Windows users, how more time do these people need?

Get on with the program already!


Lumia 920 Battery Life

8 Jun

This is bit of a selective disclosure, but remains worth noting that Lumia 920 can get absolutely amazing battery life. It should be noted that this is a European build running on AT&T’s network, so instead of LTE, it is maxing out on HSPA+, which could alleviate some load. I cannot provide specific measurements, but my judgment it was average usage.