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Smartphone Audio Quality

6 Oct

This post was originally written as a comment in a post of a tech-blog site by me. This is a ”bloggification”.

Admit it, if you are by any chance reading this totally unpopular blog written by a completely unknown writer with zero credibility, you probably are a technology minded person. And you either own a smartphone or want one. Now the question is what is it you do the most or plan to do the most on your phone? I personally use my phone to listen to music the most. And I am pretty confident I am not the only one.

Phone makers always try to focus on the camera capabilities of their phones, and that’s fine by me. I can completely understand why they do that. First, taking a picture is a sharing experience and people love to take photos. So even if people use their phone less as a camera and more as a music player, the camera functionality gets focused more. Also when you are in a group, if everyone one takes photo by their phones, it’s going to come out which phone takes better picture.
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