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Office 365 University promotion: 1st Hand

11 Mar

As reported earlier today, Microsoft has launched a promotional campaign on Office 365 University, and it can be redeemed here. Although the original offer is pretty darn sweet, I see no reason to not take Microsoft on this super generous offer.

In atypical Microsoft way, they have made even this a little confusing. So I did it in a way I thought would avoid possible mishaps. The offer page does not give any way for you to provide your main Microsoft account, or I could not find any. So I visited the page while logged into my Microsoft account. After I entered my college email address and shared it on Facebook, I was given a message that an email was sent. Not clear which account, but in a moment I saw that the email was sent to my college email address, not entirely unexpected. This would not have been a problem otherwise, but my college email account is also powered by Microsoft, which is basically a full Microsoft account(7GB SkyDrive). So had I clicked the link my college email likely would have registered for the Office 365 University and 20GB of extra storage. So instead of 45GB in my main account, I would have been stuck with 25GB and 27GB in two separate accounts, hardly an ideal situation. So I decided to forward the email to my main account and see what can be done. When I clicked the link inside from my main account (afraid that the link could have been email specific), I was immediately registered for Office 365 University, and SkyDrive storage was bumped to 45GB.


Last gripe is that I had to reinstall Office to complete the process. I expected that my preview version of Office would have been automatically updated accordingly, but instead I was directed to the Office web-install page, which was showing 2 of 2 install remaining. When I proceeded to install, the installer said that there is a preview version installed which have to be removed in order to continue with the installation. I of course complied and the rest of the process was smooth as a baby’s back.