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Chrome Sucks

21 Apr

Or probably WebKit.

I have always felt weird while using the beloved Chrome browser, but could never put a finger on it why. The closest I got was there is something in it’s mouse behavior that’s off. And today I discovered it is indeed a mouse behavior, and I have pinned what it is.

As you’d guess, I am a mouse user. I scoff at people who boasts Apple machine’s “superior” trackpads. For all subjective and objective reasons I can muster, mouse >>> trackpad. So, if mouse doesn’t feel right, nothing feels right.

On to the point. You know how every mouse (that’s made in this millennium) has a scroll wheel, and how scrolling that wheel takes you a bit up or down in a webpage, when I scroll one “notch”, all browser goes from point A to point B, as they should. My issue with Chrome is with how it handles this particular action. Both Internet Explorer and Firefox goes from point A to B in a smooth manner, you can almost follow the movement. But, Chrome and Opera, both now WebKit based, goes from point A to B in an instant. This creates a very jarring effects. More so if you do a lot of reading like I do. I could not test Safari for the reason of it no longer being available for Windows.

I have always maintained that how a browser feels to use is way more important than how “fast” it is. And this is just one of those. The ironic part is, this makes Internet Explorer my secondary browser over Chrome.