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Laundry List for Windows

24 Jul

Microsoft has been enjoying an almost monopoly in enterprise and consumer computing for almost as long as personal computers has existed. But as Android and iOS gains popularity, Microsoft needed to take necessary measurements.

The Metro Modern design language is in my opinion Microsoft’s doorway to dominating next generation of computing. But as it stands, compared to the desktop environment, it is still woefully lacking. This post is intended to be a “laundry list” of tweaks I believe Microsoft needs to do on Windows for a improved user experience.

Windows Desktop

Add podcast support into Windows Media Player. OR Update Zune.

Desktop can get Metro Interface elements like this.


Internet Explorer zoom settings should be independent of the Metro IE.

Desktop apps should be able to integrate with charms bar too. Do more than just screenshot share.

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Majestic Elop

12 Jul

Some people like him, some don’t, some think he is a Trojan Horse planted by Microsoft. I however am firmly in the first group. I believe as a CEO he’s been great to Nokia, and his decision to go with Windows Phone will turn out to be one of the best in years. But those are more complex issues, out of scope for this particular post.

This post is for this, just look at him being majestic! (image by TheVerge)


He looks totally awesome!