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Surface RT vs. New iPad: A Comparison

17 Oct

And so it has finally surfaced(pun intended), and the tech world is going into their analysis mode to determine which is better and why and which deserves our hard earned penny. So I am going to jump onto the bandwagon and offer my 2 cents. Rather than simply posting a chart and compare few bullet points, I am going to talk about what’s behind those bullet points. Bullet points are easier to look at, but there are always more to those points that everyone should take into consideration before taking out the wallet. What does higher/lower resolution means? What are the benefits of having a keyboard? What about the apps? How does having a USB port benefit me? Let’s take a look.

First thing first and let’s get this over with, that is resolution. I must say I am kind of disappointed about the resolution on RT. The resolution of 1366*768 is kind of disappointing to have, it should have been 1080p, not less but not more either. But I shall thoroughly disagree with iPad fans here and say more resolution is not necessarily better. Yes higher resolution and in turn higher pixel density is great to look at, but it does inarguably come with a few caveats, weight(if not battery life), heat, performance. iPad 3 despite having a stronger SoC inside compared to iPad 2, had visibly worse gaming graphics as this article finds.

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Choice Is Good, RIGHT? (Part 1)

11 Oct

PC users always boast one thing(amongst others) over Mac, “we have choices”. PCs come in different brands, shapes, monitors, configurations, case sizes, OS versions, with crap-ware or signature and so on. A moderately savvy user will be able to get exactly what he/she wants in the PC. Now I believe this is what drive down price and computers are now everywhere. Bill Gates’ renowned dream of putting a PC in every home has surpassed even the dream, now every home has multiple computers, one for every person!

Now the situation arises right here. 10 years ago PC was common, affordable and not DOS like scary any more. People are buying them and using for variety of tasks. But now that instead of one computer per household it has become three computer (I am just putting up a number) per household, the  main demographic of computer user has changed. It may sound a bit snobbish and it likely is, instead of technologically aware/trained people using computer, now every tom, dick and harry uses it. Don’t get me wrong, I am not against it nor do I mind, but I am talking about the effect of this phenomenon.
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Smartphone Audio Quality

6 Oct

This post was originally written as a comment in a post of a tech-blog site by me. This is a ”bloggification”.

Admit it, if you are by any chance reading this totally unpopular blog written by a completely unknown writer with zero credibility, you probably are a technology minded person. And you either own a smartphone or want one. Now the question is what is it you do the most or plan to do the most on your phone? I personally use my phone to listen to music the most. And I am pretty confident I am not the only one.

Phone makers always try to focus on the camera capabilities of their phones, and that’s fine by me. I can completely understand why they do that. First, taking a picture is a sharing experience and people love to take photos. So even if people use their phone less as a camera and more as a music player, the camera functionality gets focused more. Also when you are in a group, if everyone one takes photo by their phones, it’s going to come out which phone takes better picture.
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