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Why Can’t a Tablet be?

30 Apr

Why can’t a tablet be like I want? Why? I did not want a Crysis running at full glory tablet. But I want one that can do what I want it to do without boggling my backpack. As far as I understand, that can be done already.

Here is what I want to see,

  • 7” screen. That size is more than enough for casual work. If it’s too difficult to squeeze 1280*800 in that size, may be 1000*624.
  • Just one front facing camera. Backside camera has no needed and it should help with reducing thickness.
  • Thickness of around 5mm.
  • One micro USB port and one micro HDMI port. And of course 3.5mm audio port.
  • Being able to access external data source through the USB port with assistance of cable if necessary.
  • Battery does not need to be user replaceable if that means better build and thinner profile.
  • The device should be as small as possible outside the screen area. Very small bezel indeed.
  • The back can be plastic, rubber, metal or anything as long as quality is maintained while keeping price in check.
  • Build quality, Build quality, Build quality.

If you can do it, I personally guaranty that you have got a winner. Google gave you a more than good enough OS. Now do something about the hardware part.