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Microsoft’s Game-plan

23 Jun

The first public release of Windows 8 had almost the opposite treatment Windows 7 had. After Vista, Windows 7 was like fresh air to many users. While I would argue that Vista was by no means a bad OS (DX10 and Start Search was huge for me), specially if you are lucky enough to have hardware that have good drivers, Windows 7 was indeed faster even in the beta. Every tech blog was ecstatic about the performance improvements it offers over both Vista and XP. Things only got better in RC, GA.

Fast forward to 2012. Windows 8 again comes with a host of performance improvements, specially the booting. If anyone here still hasn’t tried it, it REALLY does boot almost instantly, something Windows 7 can do only in SSD. Despite the performance improvements, and some very nice explorer tweaks Windows 8 has been target to some very severe bashing. Reason? The METRO INTERFACE.
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Skipping the DNS server

9 Jun

We all(those who care about such stuff) have heard about Google’s public DNS server. It’s, by the way. This server is a great way to make any internet connection perky. Today I want to share another great task to perk up your connection, that is cutting the middle man. We all know DNS server works as a phonebook/address book for the internet, and any URL we type in the address bar of our browser gets translated into an IP address by the DNS server and then we are taken to the web page. What I am gonna suggest is that the web pages that are bookmarked in your browser, switch the traditional with the actual IP address of the site. Your browser will not have to go through the DNS server for the sites you know you visit. It’s not much, but some of us want the milliseconds also. And your browser will have to use the tried and true DNS server when you search for something and go to a new site.

NB: Using IP address instead of URL is not only good for saving a few millisecond, if you know what I mean!