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Using/Living Facebook

11 Feb

What is facebook to us? A playground? A way to stay connected? Or just a way to waste time? The surge of facebook population and total time spent in facebook has given birth to this question. And it will give birth to more questions in the time to come.

I first came to know about facebook by PC World magazine. It was an article comparing MySpace and Facebook. Facebook looked like the one to go for, I did and was right. Since then I have maintained a steady presence in my online world. My friend list grew to to a fair size. I use it as way to share photos, videos, messaging, chatting etc. Whenever I am online I keep it open in a tab and that’s about it.

facebook vs. face a book!

Well, the question is for me as well. I may not waste time exclusively in facebook, but I do waste time. And to many- writing this very piece may be considered as such. But the thing is, what the heck are we doing???? What are we supposed to do and what we usually do! I see people spending virtually whole day in facebook. Chasing after girls, chatting, playing games(they are called games!), etc. etc. So how about opening a textbook or at least going out of the room and hang out with your actual buddies, the real physical ones! Just get out of facebook. At least just for a while.