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Mature “Journalists”

27 Sep

A fine example of how some tech journalists behave on the face of criticism about how biased and an uninformed they sound. To be fare the OP did write something objectionable, but not one editor had the decency to face any of his point.




If this what the next generation of tech journalists are like, we are gonna have some very bad time. These people are supposed to be actual journalists, not some arm chair CEO like me!


Surface Dimension I Want

16 Sep

Update: I shoud have done this when Surface Pro 3 was released. I am so glad people at Microsoft saw this issue the same way I did. No, I don’t think they saw this blog post and re-though Surface’s diemensions. But I am glad anyway, because the point is to get 3:2 aspect ratio on hybrid devices.

I did some research on what I want for a Tablet’s dimensions.

Best aspect ratio in my opinion is 3:2
3:2 or 1.5 is the average of 4:3(1.333) and 16:9(1.667)
A happy middle ground of portrait and landscape.
Proposal: 1920:1280

Surface’s Dimensions:
Height: 1080/208=5.1923″
Width: 1920/208=9.2308″
Diagonal: Sqrt(5.1923^2+9.2308^2)=10.59092290265584 -> Verified
Screen area: 5.1923″ *9.2308″ =47.9291 inch2

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Microsoft’s Next Boss

2 Sep

On the wake of the news that Microsoft is acquiring Nokia, I believe its safe to bet that Stephen Elop is going to be appointed the next CEO of the software giant. He was already one of the most anticipated person, but him leaving Nokia to lead Microsoft would have left Microsoft in a bad strategic position. But now that Elop is back, with Nokia (as we knew) with him, everything falls into right places.