Surface Dimension I Want

16 Sep

I did some research on what I want for a Tablet’s dimensions.

Best aspect ratio in my opinion is 3:2
3:2 or 1.5 is the average of 4:3(1.333) and 16:9(1.667)
A happy middle ground of portrait and landscape.
Proposal: 1920:1280

Surface’s Dimensions:
Height: 1080/208=5.1923"
Width: 1920/208=9.2308"
Diagonal: Sqrt(5.1923^2+9.2308^2)=10.59092290265584 -> Verified
Screen area: 5.1923" *9.2308" =47.9291 inch2

The iPad’s screen dimension measures 7.76 inches high and 5.82 inches wide. 197 mm high by 147 mm wide. I am using this because I find the portrait height of iPad to be very good.

Proposal Height: 5.82" (> 5.1923", better height in landscape mode)
Determine proposal width: 5.82*1.5 = 8.73" (<9.2308", less height in portrait mode should make easier to hold)
Determine diagonal: Sqrt(5.82^2+8.73^2)=10.49215421160021
Total area: 5.82*8.73=50.8086 inch^2 (> 47.9291 inch^2, better overall screen area)

So going this route would result in higher vertical space, and higher total surface area.

Tablet Aspect Ratio

So in summery: Dimensions I want is 10.5" diagonal, 3:2 aspect ratio, 5.1923" * 9.2308" in area, 1920*1280 resolution (or higher, of course while keeping other properties same).

Now here is hoping someone would actually do something about it.


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