7 Mar

Excellent post. Wanted to write something similar, but this is far beyond my writing/analysis capability.

Hal's (Im)Perfect Vision

A comment Matt Rosoff over on CITEworld’s re-publication of my post on Microsoft’s current approach to developer (and other customer) engagement inspired me to do a thought experiment.  What if Microsoft had approached “Windows 8” differently?  There are a number of scenarios that they could have followed, so let’s explore a few of the more likely ones.

Most of the criticism about Windows 8 is around how Microsoft attempted to bridge the gap between a modern touch-based, tablet-centric (if you will), UI and the traditional desktop.  Now this is actually a complex situation, because we aren’t just talking about UI but also about a new app model.  In theory you could have one without the other.  In previous posts I’ve talked about why the overall re-imagination of Windows, including all these elements, was important.  So as one thinks about various alternative scenarios you have to consider that not all of the…

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