Random rant about recent Windows Phone issues

29 Sep

This is a rant. Rant about many things, several random things that are bugging me.

Dear Microsoft,
I like it you guys are trying the whole secrecy thing, it gives an aura of coolness and mystery. But please realize that the world is not the same as 10years ago. There are two other major platforms and developers are going to have to choose. So it does not help when they don’t get info from you. Secrecy would have worked if you had very few products and/or had a set release cycle. Secrecy works for Apple because their product portfolio is not as vast, and also they are expected to release those products in a one year circle, so developers kind of know what to expect and when to expect. But with many products in the Microsoft family and completely unknown cycle, they are left completely in the dark.

Dear (die hard)Nokia fans,
Please stop. I get it. You guys think HTC ripped of off Nokia’s design, and I can also see why you guys think that. I will say what I have been saying about the Samsung-Apple case. There are only some many ways you can design a touch screen phone, they are bound to look similar at some point, whether intentional or not. The similarities grow when both phones are made of polycarbonate and even more when their colors are inspired by the same source, Windows Phone, the OS we all love. So please stop. As a fellow Nokia fan I don’t want anyone to look or rather sound like an Apple fan.

Dear HTC haters,
If you think 8x isn’t adequate then think again. 8x isn’t supposed to be a direct competition to 920. In the world market there are people of different financial capability. So 920 may not be compatible with everyone’s wallet/bank account. Also like it or not 920 **is** a bit thick. There are people who would welcome a phone that is high class, but without all the bell and whistles. I believe this phone was developed under strict guideline from Microsoft so that it can squarely target a whole other market segment.

Dear conspiracy theorists,
If you think Microsoft has suddenly made HTC their preferred partner, you aren’t thinking straight. It’s understandable if you are confused about some phrases, but they are mostly just that, “phrases”. Microsoft is a platform company, so do not really gain by having Nokia the all powerful goliath and while other WP OEMs makes really awful devices. So what they did was give HTC a shot of adrenaline in their arms. HTC is not doing too well in Android, so MS took the chance. And remember what Nokia said about these, they gain when the platform gains. HTC is on the same side as Nokia is here.

Dear felloe WP fans,
I have great deal of respect for Nokia. They have rules the smartphone market for a long time. Although they have lost that position due to a rapid change in market dynamics, they have never lost their class. They have always innovated and I use this word with very narrow scope. Their switching to Windows Phone is probably going to be the most important chapter in WP’s history and love Nokia for it. And I would understand if fellow WP fans also harbor similar feelings for it, but please don’t mix that feelings with nonsensical fanboyism which would sully our name. The game has just started, and the opponent is fierce. Let’s not get divided amongst ourselves.


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