Browser And Car

27 May

The more the world seem to leaning towards cloud computing the more browsers are becoming important to day to day computing. And for that matter some real big names are wrestling for the crown here. But what makes people make the final choice?

Lets emulate a situation – you are out of milk. You need to go to a store across the road to replenish your stock. What do you do? Get your car out or just walk the distance? My guess would be “walk the distance”. But when you go to work you no longer just walk the distance. This time you get your car out. Though there might be some special situation where on foot or car neither is a very suitable choice. You probably need some rugged terrain vehicle. But whatever the destination is you don’t ever think of a tank! May be some time a real fancy car, but if your own car is decent enough looking you are content.

My point is Chrome sure loads super fast, but with its most minimum feature set I would not use it for anything more than just a quick Google search. That’s it, bye, walk across the street no fuss – no getting the car out of the garage. But if I plan on doing a little bit more work I don’t mind getting the car. And guess what! My car is Firefox. For a ride its the best there is. Sure its fuel(memory) efficiency isn’t the best. But now-a-days(with several gigabytes of RAM) that’s not really a problem. And for really tricky situation, I keep Rambooster close at hand. And there’s more! The ride is not only good, but there are a lot gadgets to make it even better. And they are all free.

Though I got to admit there is something else I’ve got my eyes on. It used to be popular, then it became bad. Real bad. But now it’s trying to turn things around. And I  can see that its trying real hard. Yeah, I’m talking about Internet Explorer. 6 was popular but bad, 7 was where it turned around but didn’t quite get there. 8’s where I would say things got interesting. Now it provides about same convenience as Firefox. It also comes with some accelerators. Just not enough of them. It has not become my default, but I sometimes take it out for a ride. And it sure feels nice!

But one thing I am certain, I am not taking a tank out for a ride. There is just simply no way. Safari feels that way to me. 200MB for a browser! Hello, we are not Mac users. We don’t just blindly install whatever available from apple(maybe from Microsoft). We judge them, and judge them good. Sorry folks, but your fancy cover flow like interface, overly Mac-like interface, font rendering don’t cut here. Welcome to the world of Windows.

So, I hope all the brilliant minds of the giants understands the prime reason behind choosing a browser. Its not about some stupid JavaScript speed, its about the comfort. Trust Me.


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